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One shots are a great entry level way to begin DIY mixing. It's also a convenient option when you just don't have time to gather flavorings and supplies to mix your favorite e-liquids. Continue Reading

Omega Coffee

A smooth but rich coffee with hints of chocolate, vanilla, and cream, much like a mocha but with a little more focus on the coffee note Continue Reading

Cardinal 2.0

I have to give all the credit to FEAR for coming up with the original Cardinal( )! Without his expertise with tobaccos, this recipe would not be possible. Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe – Psycho V2

This is not a Pony On Acid clone, rather an inspired recipe but with a twist. Imagine POA but with a deeper cream and crunch berries.... Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe – Ice Cream Drowned

Affogato is the Italian word for drowned and this is exactly what this profile simulates. It's a mildly sweet vanilla ice cream, drowned in espresso.... Continue Reading

NEW FTM Recipe – Crème Eggs

Free DIY Eliquid Recipe by Folkart – It’s getting close to Easter and I wanted to release something for the occasion. Everyone knows how much I love chocolate vapes, and this is another holiday delight I love to indulge.... Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe – PSYCHO | Pony On Acid Remix

This is a remix of SMAX Pony On Acid. I’ve been working on this profile for quite some time. I released a similar profile December 2018, Rudolph On Acid.... Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe – Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

If anyone has tackled a peanut butter profile, you know how difficult this can be because of the lack of really good peanut butter flavorings. Most are dry, too "peanut" and not enough "butter".... Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe – Honey Butter Ice Cream

What the hell is Honey Butter Ice Cream?”. Well, it was an idea that came to me on one of those sleepless nights.... Continue Reading

DEVELOPED brings a collaborative approach to mixing, bringing top mixers…

New FTM Recipe – Rudolph On Acid

My Christmas gift to the mixing community. This is not a remix/clone of SMAX – Pony On Acid, it is however, inspired by that profile.... Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe – Mayan Milk

From day 1 of my mixing career I have been on a quest to make the perfect chocolate milk. And with many failures, I believe I have gotten about as close as I can to that.... Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe – Butter Beer 1707

When Jen Jarvis asked me to join her on her Flavor-Pro YouTube channel for an episode called "Fantasy Food Fest", there was only one recipe profile that popped in my head.... Continue Reading

Vapexpo Las Vegas

If you get a chance to attend Vapexpo Las Vegas this weekend, drop by the DIY booth. I'll be mixing and giving away free samples Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe – The New Sweet Potato Pie

Last year about this time, I released my Sweet Potato Pie recipe. In the months following the release, Flavorah released their YAM that is out of this world delicious! Summer is close to an end.... Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe – Assassin (Killer Kustard Remix)

Assassin! This remix has pushed my skills to the limit. You would think a custard would be one of the easiest remixes to tackle, but this profile took over 40 batches.... Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe – Catacomb

This is my inaugural attempt at a tobacco profile. I have to say, it took some time to develop a palate for tobaccos but I think this is a very nice first tobacco recipe..... Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe – Blue Moon (Lunar Harvest Remix)

Blue Moon (Lunar Harvest Remix) This is a remix of…

A Mixers Journey – Creating Your Own Recipes

Creating Your Own Recipes   So you’ve purchased some flavorings,…

New FTM Recipe – Sad Sam Circles

Toucan Sam finally reached his breaking point! He couldn't take the pressure of show biz anymore. For years he held his beak and wouldn't say what was really on his mind. Those fruity circles had drove him to madness... Continue Reading

A Mixers Journey

A Mixers Journey Issue #1 Where To Start?   So…

New FTM Recipe – Au

Wow! This was a huge challenge. As many mixers know, a really good chocolate is hard to develop. For one, it seems most, if not all, chocolates have off notes. Some have plastic notes, others have a mustiness, and others have both. While a good long steep can take out some of the off notes Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe – Pineapple Grill

So, A grilled Pineapple. The pineapple part was easy enough but how the hell was I going to represent the grilled aspect? I got the inspiration from matthewkocanda's attempt at a grilled pineapple but people were saying it was more Continue Reading

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I want to thank Richard Harkness from for offering…

Recipe Blueprinting

I'm posting a Recipe Blueprinting outline that I hope will help new mixers break down the recipe development process into a manageable format. This is what I used as a beginning mixer to try to wrap my head around the process and understand the different layers in vivid, flavorful recipes. I found it very helpful as an exercise in recipe development and once I had Continue Reading

New FTM Recipe- Oatmeal Cream Pie!

Oatmeal Cream Pie. This was a recipe based on one of my guilty pleasures. I love Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies! The fluffy sweet cream smashed between two soft, chewy oatmeal cookies takes me back to one of my simple pleasures as a child.... Continue Reading

Welcome To Freedom To Mix

I want to welcome everyone to Freedom To Mix! It's taken a while to get the website up and running, but I hope it will encourage you to start mixing if you haven't already. Whether you're a new ...... Continue Reading